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I’m sorry I suck.

I really miss this, a lot. I simply am so overwhelmed with everything. My course work at school isn’t easy and when I’m not doing homework, studying, and going to school, I’m at work. Basically I have no life. I rarely see my friends anymore too.

I promise, promise, promise I am going to make a comeback in the summer for sure. I am not quitting. Never!

And I will probably make some time during spring break which is in a couple of months. It won’t be long until you see me again! (blame school!!)

You guys can feel free to follow me on my personal tumblr if you ever wanted to chat there. I don’t respond to anons though lol. I’ve been on my personal a lot lately and WANT new people to follow. I follow back a lot! 

Ok I think that’s it. See you guys in a couple of months! Don’t forget about meeeee.


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